A Control Program for XMMS

by James Curbo <jcurbo@acm.org>

xalbumlist is a Unix application for loading directories of audio files into XMMS, similar in concept to the Winamp plugin AlbumList. It is written in Perl using Gtk2-Perl, MP3::Info, and Xmms::Perl (the latter being available on CPAN)

This is my first application using GTK+, or XMMS's plugin API, and was mainly written because I was tired of not having AlbumList around in Debian. Thus, it's very rough around the edges. I welcome patches.

At first I tried writing this in C using GTK+ and libxmms, but I seem to have ran into some problems with xmms_remote_playlist_add() freezing XMMS.
I figured I'd give GtkPerl a shot, and found it to be much much easier to deal with. The result is this.

Version 2 has been completely rewritten, using gtk2-perl and Glade to design the user interface. Thus, you need libglade and Gtk2::GladeXML.

You can get the latest version here: Sourceforge file release page

Freshmeat page: http://freshmeat.net/projects/xalbumlist/?topic_id=113
Sourceforge project page: http://sf.net/projects/xalbumlist/

A screenshot as of 2.0:

And an explanation of the controls:

Version History: Please see the ChangeLog in the CVS repository.
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